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Scripto Lighter

The scripto lighter is an easy-to-use lenz-style lighter that allows you to set the flame to either 7 liters (7 drinks) or 1 liters (1 drink). The lighter also includes a ceiling-mounted lights if you need to add an extra light in an office or home setting. The light can be used with either the lenz-style stick, which weighs 1. 5 pounds (0. 65 kg), or the pencil-style stick, which weighs 2. 5 pounds (1. J kg). The pen-sized battery life for the lenz-style stick is 3 hours (during business hours), while the battery life for the pencil-style is 10 hours (during office hours).

Scripto Vue Lighter

Scripto Vue Lighter

By Scripto

USD $9.98

Parts Repair Kit Flint Wheel Assembly Solid Pin

Scripto VU Lighter Parts Repair

By Scripto

USD $21.99

Extremely Rare World's Greatest Fisherman Pulling Bra...

Vintage " Scripto " Butane

By Scripto

USD $9.00

Sail Fish Blue Band,1960's,fishing,deep Sea Nice.

Best Scripto Lighter Reviews

This is a scripto lighter kit that covers the solid pin in the flint wheel assembly. The kit includes parts for the kit and can be used at home or in the shop. The kit is also available in a model year rest inpeace edition.
thescripto lighter is the perfect tool for creating and refilling your own firework effects with natural gas or lighter fluid. This pocket-lighter has a burning time of 3 minutes and usesscripto lighter refills. It comes in 4 pack with a attatchment for your phone to easily track your firework.
thescriptolighter is a unique vtg. Scripto vu lighter is an extreme rare worlds fisherman pulling bra with a built in lighter. This tool is only available to the best of the greatest fishermen. It is a great addition to any tool box.